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The name Pilates comes from the founder of the method Joseph Pilates.  Unfortunately many of the original Pilates exercises can cause damage to a weak or damaged muscular structure and a more clinical approach is required.
Modern Pilates has been designed with physiotherapists and is used extensively in the rehabilitation of back injury and muscle imbalance 

How Will I Benefit from Modern Pilates?

Modern Pilates is a physiotherapist approved approach which works both your body & mind, relieving stress and can help improve sleep patterns and tension, specifically in the neck and shoulders.
You will get a stronger flatter mid section, improved posture, muscle balance, realignment of the spine and improvement in the function and appearance of your body.

Who is Modern Pilates For?

Modern Pilates is for anyone and everyone. Modern Pilates is recommended for clients recovering from back problems, anyone with weak abdominals (core stability) for whatever reason eg. pregnancy, obesity and anyone with stress incontinence and/ or poor posture. It is also great for golfers and racket sport played due to the increase in spinal movement achieved when doing Pilates regularly.



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